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At BestHolidayInsurance.com, we try to cover topics that contains content related to Travel, Hotels and all other travel related content. We are inviting the guests to post on BestHolidayInsurance.com on behalf of us.

Why to Submit?

1. Backlink: You are allowed to publish one link to your blog or site in the article.

2. Website promotion: You can add one link in your article which helps you to promote your site.

3. Traffic: You will get traffic to your site by submitting a unique article with a link to your blog.

Submission Guidelines

Before you submit any article you must take care of the following things:

1. Uniqueness of article: Your article must be unique. We don’t allow copy paste articles and posting other’s content on BestHolidayInsurance.com. So make sure that your article is unique. For uniqueness you can use Copyscape.com. All articles will be approved before checking with copyscape and the articles found copy pasted will be deleted without any warning or alerts.

Your article must contain 500+ words in order to be published.

2. Check for spelling mistakes: Please Check your article for any spelling mistakes. The articles found with so many spelling mistakes will be removed or will be edited by BestHolidayInsurance Owners.

3. All submitted articles will be under BestHolidayInsurance.com Copyrights: You must agree that you will not distribute or post any article that is submitted by you to us. once published the submitted article can’t be removed and can’t be republished on other sites without any permissions of BestHolidayInsurance.com Owners.

4. No links to Illegal sites: You are not allowed to submit articles with illegal links. Illegal here means anything related to porn, gambling, warez etc.

5. No Affiliate links: You are not allowed to promote your articles with affiliate links.

6. No self promoting articles: Your articles must not be self promoting.

7. Only English Language articles: We only accept English language articles.

How to Submit?

You can send your articles to contact@bestholidayinsurance.com in MS Word format.

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You can register at Bestholidayinsurance.com and submit your guest posts. All posts must be unique or not published elsewhere with no grammar mistakes, no illegal links inside.