Best Pet Insurance


The article makes user familiar with the concept of pet insurance. We further delve into the details to be looking out for a while buying insurance for your pets and what will be the best option for your pocket as well as your pet.

You might have heard about health insurances, the equivalent of individual health insurance for your pet is known as pet insurance. Your pets might end up falling ill, and you could run into huge costs for their treatment. Pet insurance ensures that all such costs are covered, and your pet stays happy and healthy.

Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance

Studies have shown that fees of vets have been growing at a rate of 12% every year which is more than inflation. The growth has been attributed to the newfound ways to keep your pets healthy and increase their survival period.

The article will help you spot the best pet insurance plan that is by your budget and also proves beneficial for your pet.

The pet insurance policy varies with the provider, but almost all pet policies cover certain basic tests while some other medical activities on constraint basis. The policies like human health insurance can be limited to years or cover a lifetime for your pet. If adopting a pet, start researching about plans specifically made for that species or breed.

The pet insurance policy buying can be as tricky as buying health insurance for yourself. Pet's breed, age, pre-existing conditions, and region would have to be considered before buying insurance. This can affect the premium of the insurance for your pet.

The owner should buy the insurance when the pet is still young and has not been affected by any diseases. Pre-existing conditions in pets could charge their owner an additional sum of money.

To reduce the costs of insuring your pets, you can follow the following steps:

  • Get your pet micro chipped as certain insurance companies reduce the premiums to be paid for a micro chipped pet.
  • Get your pet neutered or spayed which will drastically reduce the insurance costs

The pet insurances can be largely divided into:

  • Basic accidental cover:

The insurance ensures the bills to be paid to the vet only if it is involved in an accident. Other illness and diseases are not covered under these plans.

  • Time limit on cover

These plans ensure that any illness or accident that your pet suffers taken care of but only for 12-months after which the owner would be required to buy new insurance or renew the old one.

In such cases, owners might end up utilising the insured money and would be needed to pay the remainder of the bill themselves.

  • No time limit on cover

These insurance plans will only cover a set of diseases, conditions and accidents for a lifetime. The owner, however, needs to renew the plan at the end of every twelfth month. Re-occurring diseases and conditions are covered under these schemes.

  • Lifetime insurance

This is the costliest of all plans which include almost all the ailments that a pet can get, but the owner still needs to renew the policy at the end of a 12-months tenure. Most of the plans won't cover pre-existing conditions and if they do the premium of the policy would be very high.