Top Tourist Destinations in England


The article offers guidance to readers planning to visit England and also attract some people to explore the beautiful country. We take a brief look at the places that are a must visit while in England.

England is known for its majestic castles, scenic beauty and rich culture and history. One of the most visited countries of the World is an adobe of old college, and magnificent royal palaces, apart from Roman sites.

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Tourist Destinations England" width="2000" height="1149" /> Tourist Destinations England

Here is a list of places to visit in the UK:

  • Stonehenge

The historic ancient monument is one of the most famous tourist attractions that draw in a large number of crowds. The incoming tourists are so large that the tickets need to be

Tourist Destinations England
Tourist Destinations England

booked in advance to ensure entry.

"Hanging Stones" are believed to be placed during 3000 BC. The stones were typically used in the Roman era until they were destroyed to prevent the Druids from manipulating the population. The place is an adobe of exhibitions and cafes.

  • Tower of London

Tower of London
Tower of London

The tower is widely considered as an essential building in England and has been used as a treasure vault, prison, observatory, and palace. The building is spread over 18 acres that could keep the tourists busy for days rather than hours. The White Tower is the most significant part of the building was built in 1078 by Conqueror William. The exhibit showcases the most famous line of kings apart from the crown jewels, royal mint, and Yeoman Warder tours.

The destination has been coined with the title of the world's oldest visitor attraction and has been included in UNESCO's world heritage sites.

  • City of Bath

The small city has made a place in UNESCO's World Heritage sites as it houses over 500 buildings that are termed historical due to their marvellous architecture.

City of Bath
City of Bath

The city is most celebrated for the 2000-year-old Roman baths. Apart from the bat, you can explore Georgian Townhouses and England's exquisite countryside that includes Avon Valley, Mendip hills, and numerous Somerset islands.

  • Windsor Castle

The lavish and extravagant summer home of the British royals is a spectacle you can't miss. The palace is built around two courtyards, and you could even witness Queens Apartment of she is not present there.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

The palace houses the 6-miles long park named as the Great Park which is clearly visible from the plane as you fly into Heathrow. The palace also facilitates the tourists to witness the famous change of Guards ceremony.

  • Yorkshire

Yorkshire houses the most magnificent and enchanting historical and romantic cities of England. The cities especially Durham, York, and Beverley are famous for their wooden homes and shops, medieval churches and streets which are surrounded by town halls spanning for 3-miles.

York is also famous for its rugged countryside beauty. Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, in particular, are famous for their majestic countryside.