Student Travel Insurance


The article makes the reader familiar with the idea of student travel insurance. We delve into the advantages that the reader can avail by purchasing such policies. Furthermore, the article advises the reader on tips to be kept in mind while buying student travel insurance.

The phenomenon of Globalization has generated numerous opportunities for students to pursue the education in whichever country is best suited for them. The student can undertake any course offered by reputed universities in a foreign land and could pursue his or her dream.

Student Travel Insurance
Student Travel Insurance

The students can easily avail this opportunity and can turn their dream into reality. However, the plan of studying abroad also comes with certain risks that the students and their family need to be prepared for.

The following problems could arise while studying abroad:

  • Political uncertainty: Students may travel to areas with political uncertainty which could land them in trouble and requiring medical attention. While in a foreign land the student might have no idea where to obtain the best medical services. Moreover, if suggested to follow a certain procedure they would not know the risks that come with it and whether they require to undergo the procedure or not.
  • Travelling back home: The student may want to return to home suddenly due to the occurrence of some unforeseen event. The student, however, won't be able to avail money or flight tickets at such a short notice and could end up not going home.
  • Hospitalisation: Students can be hospitalised due to various conditions like illness, accidents and would, therefore, require medical attention. The student might be alone and would require medical assistance which could cost him dearly and also severely perturb his family.
  • Loss of passport and other documents: Being a tourist or traveller in a foreign country can make you a target for thieves and pickpockets. The student can, therefore, lose his passport and important documents which could affect his stay in the country and could lead to legal procedures against him. Moreover, the fees required to file in for a new passport and identity is immense, and the student won't be able to handle such high costs on their own.
  • Emergency evacuation: The student could end up hurting himself badly that would require a long bed-rest and proper care for a speedy recovery and would require the constant attention of his or her family members. This would require emergency medical evacuation that is coupled with huge expenses.

Moreover, in the case of natural or man-made calamity, the student might need to be evacuated from the country to get back to his native land.

The following expenses and conditions are covered under a student travel insurance plan:

  • Medical and Dental Expenses: Any insurance policy would cover medical and dental expenses that might be incurred while their stay abroad.
  • Trip interruption coverage: The student may need to visit home under an emergency situation, and student travel insurance covers the expenses for flights and travel advice and assistance for the covered reason. The policy would also cover expenses of getting the student back to your destination.
  • Medical reunion: The policy also covers the expenses of a visiting family member for the student when severely ill or hospitalised.
  • Passport and credit card coverage: The policy also covers for the loss of passport and credit cards.
  • Medical emergency evacuation: The student travel insurance plans also provide for emergency medical evacuation through air ambulances.