Trip Cancellation Insurance


The article studies the concept of trip cancellation which is an integral part of travel insurance. Furthermore, the article states conditions where the travel cancellation insurance could be termed null and void.

Travelling is the process of visiting different countries, cities, continents to complete a task. The task can be related to business, or an activity undertakes for leisure and relaxation. However, travelling can be risky as people buy tickets long before they start out their trip which can be a problem if an unforeseen event restricts them from traveling. The affected party would be compelled to cancel their trip in such cases which would cost them dearly.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
Trip Cancellation Insurance

Furthermore, people who have already reached their destination and have to return home could get stuck in a foreign land due to certain reasons. This could cost them extra money as they would have to stay some extra days which could lead to drastic financial problems. This aspect of travel risk is covered under trip cancellation insurance wherein the insured person or the family is covered for cancellation of the trip. The trip cancellation insurance provides a cushion against expenses such as cancelled flights, reimbursement of pre-paid charges of trips and also the expenses incurred while staying in a foreign land due to flight cancellation.

The trip cancellation insurance, however, has certain loopholes which might go undetected by the buyer of the plan. This article covers the reasons your trip cancellation insurance won't cover you.

  • Cancellation of the trip for medical reasons without the suggestion of a doctor: Most of the travel insurance plans providing companies include the pre-paid expenses for a trip when cancelled due to some medical emergency. However, the insured person needs to visit a doctor before finalizing cancellation. If that somehow is not possible, a doctor should examine the patient 72 hours after the cancellation of the trip.
  • Documents: The insured person needs to provide a set of documents that are a must to settle the claim. In failing to do so, the claim will be rejected, and the insurance will be nullified. The documents that are required are:
    • Proper receipts and bills for all incurred expenses
    • The insured also needs to provide a receipt or proof of expense allowances that they might have received from their tour operator or travel agency.
    • The insurance company would also require the details of your lodging which you would have booked in the place of your visit.
    • The buyer needs to specify the trip cancellation or interruption claims through valid documents.
    • The documents should also consist of the original unused tickets, proof of payments and other related documents that prove the expenses incurred while booking a trip.

Forecasted weather conditions: Your trip cancellation insurance plan protects you from sudden and unforeseen weather conditions, but if the buyer takes a trip when a storm or a natural calamity is already predicted, it becomes a reason that is not covered under the original plan.