AirBnB Home: Ways to Optimize It


Renting your home on Airbnb can be a great source of additional income and a fantastic experience for both the host and the guests. Being somewhere in between couch surfing and traditional hotel accommodation, Airbnb might be the first stop for every traveller who searches for accommodation and wants to have a unique experience of the city. However, staging your home to look desirable for guests is so much more than setting the lowest price and hoping for the best. Just like staging the house for sale, optimizing your Airbnb home is a form of art, so here’s how to do it.

Help your guests’ imagination

One of the most important rules of staging homes for sale is that you must show your potential buyers how their life would look inside of your home. The same goes for Airbnb renting: you’ll want your potential guests to feel welcomed and identify with the place, so put some life in it. In your photos, don’t make it look like you’re renting a home from a magazine. Put a novel on the bedside, a laptop by the window, or a fresh bowl of fruits on the kitchen counter. That will help your potential renters get a clearer picture of how it feels like being in there and help them with their decision.

airbnb guests
Your airbnb guests should feel at home

Make your place stand out

There are probably dozens of similar homes on Airbnb, especially if you live in a larger city, so you have to make your place a bit unique. One of the first rules is to show the personality of your home, but try not to make it personal. This means that too many pictures of your family may repulse renters, but hanging an interesting piece of art in a living room can make it look more interesting. Remember that people who choose Airbnb over a hotel do it for many reasons – they probably want to make their travels more meaningful and feel the true spirit of your town, so try to decorate your home accordingly.

Provide comfort

Since tourists who come to your town and rent your place are probably more eager to go wandering around and sightseeing instead of staying inside, the most important thing an Airbnb home should have are comfy beds. Your guests will mostly use the place to sleep, so make sure they’ll get some quality sleep. Good mattresses are of the utmost importance – if you’re not sure which ones to purchase, you can do your mattress search online and find the perfect fit. The same goes for pillows while clean bed sheets are a must. The rest of the home should be comfortable as well. For instance, lounging furniture in a living room or on a balcony is something your guests would appreciate, especially if they travel in a group.

comfy beds and mattresses
Having comfy beds and mattresses is essential

Clean until it’s spotless

If there’s something everyone likes about nice hotels – it’s that their rooms and bathrooms are spotlessly clean. That’s something Airbnb homes need, too. Make sure the fridge is empty (unless you want to surprise your guests with a couple of cold drinks), your floors vacuumed, and your countertops clean. Pay special attention to bathrooms – everything should be spotless and don’t forget to provide your guests with clean towels. Cleaning your home from top to bottom should be done before every new guest visit, so it’s not going to be too much work if it’s done frequently.

Turn on the Wi-Fi

Anyone who has ever travelled to another country knows how valuable having free access to Wi-Fi is. Remember that for foreigners, that might be the only way to communicate with their friends and family, so make sure your Wi-Fi connection is stable. Give them your password and put it on display somewhere in the house, in case they forget it. You can also provide them with additional chargers and make sure all of your electrical sockets are functional and reachable.

As you can see, optimizing your Airbnb home can be so much fun. It’s like decorating your home to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and you’ll want your guests to feel how much effort you’ve put in it. Make it clean, comfy, and useful – and your guests will feel it!